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Aug 5, 2010
Golf trolley

Golf is a sport which is growing in nature as well as popularity. More and more resorts, hotels and beach rentals have began to promote their packages with golf being at the top of their activity lists. At a time Golf was only a sport of the noble ,but today almost everyone can play it. There springs lot s of golf clubs, tee clubs and golf parks all across the world , providing plenty of choices for different persons' needs. So if you are a profession or hobby golfer, you'd better choose a golf trolley to preserve your strength throughout the sport.


There are mangy golf trolleys abroad and in, they are in different sizes and colors, but they are doing all the carrying work for you, assisting you preserve your energy for that completely executed golf swing on the eighteenth hole. The electric golf trolley is a saving grace for many professional games. The electric golf trolley adds the angle of convenience to the game of golf. Unlike the old-fashioned manual trolley, you don't need to push or pull it. It also can be controlled using a remote.


The prices of an electric golf trolley will are different, which depending on the brand, version and mannequin ,extra options you want , There are different types of golf trolleys available online including remote controlled ones for example the Marshell remote controlled golf trolley. Here is a look at some of the important features of the trolley:


* The net weight of the golf trolley is 23.3kg

* Normal Dimension :126 x 61 x 92cm

* Folded Dimension :82 x 57 x 22cm

* battery: 12V 28A

* It has a double motor and the specifications are: 240W

* The Max load capacity:25kg

* The maximum speed:7km/h

* Distance per charge: 8holes


it can be folded in car in ease, you can travel with it anywhere you want to go .At same time, t also can be operated with ease and don’t need rocket science, At this time, I want to tell you, you must be sure that the batter power of the electric golf trolley is good enough to get to the exit or else, you may have to push or pull the heavy piece of machinery all the way. There are many nice cheep electric golf trolley online, so, you must think twice before purchasing.





Posted at 02:01 am by golfcarts
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Aug 4, 2010
Tips of buy a golf cart

Do you like play golf? Do you like the feeling of owning a golf cart? If you still have no golf cart but plan to own a golf cart , please read on!

Indeed, a golf cart in handy can make your life easier, whether you use it to roll along a golf course, travel through a construction site, And the good news is that you don’t need to spend all of your life savings on a golf car and custom golf cart parts. Here are some tips to consider on how to make a smart purchase when you buy a golf cart.

There’s a saying that “You can always find a better price.” By shopping around, you can save big bucks on a new golf cart. The secret is to leave no stone unturned when searching. Shop online and offline, in big and small stores., until you’ve collected at least three stores’ prices for a particular model. And then, you will find a better price, and minimize how much you’ll need to spend on custom golf cart parts in the future.

Determine various features that you’re looking for in a electric golf cart, and then set a reasonable budget that you can afford. If you use fiscal discipline then you can avoid spending more capital on a golf cart than your income can actually accommodate.

Besides, there are still some unnoted tips to pay a attention. Firstly, where to store your electric golf car. Be sure that you have a large enough area for storage. Secondly, the weight limits of the course that you usually play on, you can ask you golf course manager to answer. Thirdly, make sure that you can plug your electric golf cart in each night to recharge the batteries. Fourthly, never let the batteries run down to the point where they no longer have a charge left. Last but not worst, construction and maintenance, No matter whether you buy a golf cart, it will be very important for you to perform the regular maintenance that is required for your golf cart in order to keep it in good working order.



Posted at 01:25 am by golfcarts
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